Hillquist Petrographic Supplies



  • HILLQUIST THIN SECTION EPOXY A-B  -            A high bond strength epoxy used for cementing rock chips to slides.  Available in 12, 24, and 48 oz. kits.

  • HILLQUIST THIN SECTION EPOXY C-D  -            A fluid epoxy used for impregnating porous samples and to install cover slips.

  • EPOXY SYRINGES - Specially calibrated syringes measure epoxies quickly and accurately.

  • CASTING RESIN - Polyester resin used for casting unconsolidated samples.  May be tinted with resin dye.

  • DRESSING BLOCK - A vitrified aluminum oxide block used to sharpen diamond laps and blades.

  • GLASS SLIDES & COVER SLIPS - Crystal clear, noncorrosive glass with ground and polished edges.

  • HILLQUIST COOLANT - A water based coolant used where oil contamination must be eliminated.  Ideal for grinding and small rock trimming.   One quart makes 10 gallons.

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